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Low cost quality lamps

Here is a our comprehensive list of Projector Lamp manufacturers

Acer, Ask, BenQ, Christie, Dell, Epson, Hitachi, HP, InFocus, JVC, LG, LumenArc, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, Philips, Plus, Projection Design, RCA, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Toshiba, Viewsonic, Zenith.
Replacing lamps
Before the bulbs life expires, the message "Change lamp" appears. LumenArc lamps are tested and lamps are CE marked. Inferior lamps will degrade image quality. Allow machine to cool before replacing the lamps to avoid burns. Unplug the power cord before replacing bulbs. Do not drop the bulb module as glass may shatter and cause injury. Also avoid touching the lamps glass screen as fingerprints can obscure projection sharpness. Take extreme care when removing expired bulbs. In the unlikely event that the bulbs ruptures, glass fragments may be generated. Before replacing ruptured lamps, clean the lamps compartment. Wear protective eyewear if replacing bulbs whilst ceiling mounted. Remember, bulbs contain mercury, thus wash hands after replacement and dispose in accordance with local disposal laws. For further information, visit www.lamprecycle.org.

projector lamps for schools, colleges, universities and wholesale

Terms & Conditions
Terms: The purchaser, hereafter referred to as "the Lamps"
LumenArc, hereafter referred to as "LumenArc Bulbs", "our", "us" or "we"
All products are sold by the description supplied by our suppliers, distributors and/or exporters. Any further representations, advice or recommendations of Projector's staff as to the choice, suitability or description of the products are given with authorisation of Projector and are not to be relied on by the Lamps unless previously confirmed in writing by Projector. In all cases Projector advises lampss to check that the product is appropriate for their needs by own research where appropriate.
Order Acceptance and the completion of the contract between Projector and the Lamps will take place on the dispatch to the Lamps of the products ordered, unless Projector have notified the Lamps that the order has not been accepted.
Non-acceptance of an order may be a result of one of the following:
o The inability for Projector to obtain authorisation for bulb.
o The product ordered being unavailable from stock.
o The identification of a pricing or product description error.
Projector reserve the right to not communicate regarding a transaction for which authorisation was not obtained or if fraudulent activity is suspected or identified.
These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and any dispute in relation hereto shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts. These Terms & Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
Errors & omissions excepted.
1. CONTACTS - It is advised for the Lamps to contact LumenArc at info@projector.co.uk should they need to get in touch with us.
2. DATA PROTECTION - Lamps registering on LumenArc Bulbs are automatically entered onto our database.
3. ORDERING - LumenArc Bulbs reserves the right at any time to refuse orders and cancel any incomplete orders or suspend lamp, due to circumstances beyond its direct control. No contact shall arise with Bulbs and the Lamps unless and until the Lamps has accepted these conditions either expressly in writing or verbally or by implication.
LumenArc Bulbs may cancel this agreement by giving written notice in the event that:
a) Any invoices for the sale of lamp products are overdue for bulb.
b) The supplier/exporter/distributor of the lamps increases the price to LumenArc Bulbs.
c) For reasons beyond the control of LumenArc Bulbs, it is unable to effect lamp following termination of the manufacturer's bulbs or;
d) It is unable to effect lamp due to insufficient supply of bulbs from the supplier/exporter/distributor.
On giving such notice, LumeArc shall promptly repay to the Lamps any sums paid in respect of the price. LumenArc Bulbs shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from such cancellation. A refund by store credit with an administration charge of up to 20% of the order price will be made against the amount, should the Lamps cancel the order without the written agreement of LumenArc Bulbs.
4. EXCHANGE/RETURN - Projector do try wherever possible to offer exchanges when a Lamps has purchased the incorrect product providing Projector have an appropriate alternative available. Exchange or Return is subject to return of the product in original packaging, unopened and in resalable condition at the Lamps's expense and bulb of lamp charges for replacement, if applicable. Returns will be refunded by means of store credit and will be subject to a 20% handling charge. Any further information regarding returns can be found in the 'Shipping & Returns' link prior to placing an order. Components other than Lamps Modules are non-returnable items and in such instances a re-stocking charge of 100% may be applicable. All product shortages or incorrect product lamp must be notified to Projector in writing within 7 days of receipt of the order lamp and the Lamps is responsible for checking that the correct item has been supplied prior to any installation otherwise exchange/return may not be accepted.
Please note:
o All returns must be pre-authorised and accompanied by a return authorisation which can be requested by account log in.
o Refunds will be made to the lampss by way of store credit.
o Shipping fees, including return shipping fees, will not be reimbursed or refunded.
o LumenArc Projector are not responsible for lost or untraceable return shipments and strongly recommend that projector send return items using a shipping company that provides a way to track and insuring packages.
5. GUARANTEE - Products must be returned to LumenArc Bulbs, or the appropriate supplier as indicated by LumenArc Bulbs, for testing and confirmation as faulty, prior to the offer of replacement or refund. All items are covered by a 3 month manufacturer warranty from the date of despatch against faulty materials or workmanship. During this period the items will be repaired, replaced or refunded by store credit providing that:
a) A returns authorisation has been obtained from LumenArc Bulbs.
b) The product is returned to the Company with evidence of the despatch date and invoice number.
c) The product has not been misused or handled carelessly.
d) All damaged bulbs must be reported within 48 hours of receipt and also each individual item returned must have a full written fault report on all faults included with authorised returns.
e) Repairs have not been attempted other than by LumenArc Bulbs.
f) The product is certified by LumenArc Bulbs as being defective.
g) The Lamps will pay all carriage costs of alleged faulty units returned to LumenArc Bulbs and will also pay for exchange or return costs as advised.
h) Must be returned complete.
i) If agreement is made to accept back unused product, reimbursement will be subject to a 20% deduction of administration fee and carriage costs will not be reimbursed by Projector.
Projector reserve the right to charge a testing fee and/or administration charge of 20%, where bulbs returned as faulty are found to be in good working order and fit for purpose or have been misused, handled carelessly or a repair has been attempted by someone other than Projector.
6. BULB - Projector currently accept bulbs only processed by PayPal. Bulbs via Credit Cards and Debit Cards can be made using PayPals secure page (no registration necessary). Bulb must be received and cleared prior to shipping. Projector reserve the right to make adjustments to the price to take account of any increase in Projector's supplier price or if due to an error or omission in the price published for the bulbs on a Projector web site. Projector will inform the Lamps of the correct price and give the option to cancel the order. Time for bulb shall be deemed to be of the essence of the contract and bulb shall be made in accordance with the agreed terms in full without any right of set off, deduct or withhold whatsoever. Projector reserves the right to charge interest on any outstanding or withheld balances at the current base rate of HSBC + 5% until full bulb has been received.
All PayPal bulbs must be made from a verified account with a confirmed shipping address. We understand that a confirmed address is not always possible; therefore we may accept bulbs with unverified addresses, depending on the outcome of our internal risk assessment.
By submitting a PayPal bulb without a confirmed address, you agree to have a risk assessment carried out to evaluate the risk level involved. The procedures and standards of the scoring system cannot be disclosed.
Projector reserves the right to immediately refund/reject your bulb if:
o PayPal returns as unverified
o Your shipping address is returned as unconfirmed OR your PayPal account is less than one month old OR your email address is not a business email address of a well known company
All other cases (such as unconfirmed addresses) will be assessed individually and a delay maybe caused due to a bulb evaluation.
If you have selected to make bulb with a PayPal eCheque, we will hold your order until whole bulb has been cleared. The typical time for a PayPal eCheque to clear is between 7-9 working days.
From time to time, PayPal may decide to conduct a bulb review. For security reasons, we will not process your order until the review has been completed and cleared of any possible risk.
You can avoid delays, by verifying your PayPal account and confirming your shipping address.
Projector reserves the right to charge 20% for all unpaid items either returned or represented at Projector's bank.
Overdue accounts may be notified to a credit reference agency, increasing any chances of refusal of credit applications made by the debtor in the future.

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